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The First Time is always, Electric!

Updated: Feb 11

One exhibition brought more interesting people and opportunities into my life.

My first one-woman exhibition experience was ELECTRIC! The overwhelming compliments and offers for more exhibitions made me so grateful. No overnight fame or even selling a painting from my first exhibition, yet I felt like a queen in my court! The experience also brought out the worst in some friends, who made me aware of their jealousy and political cruelty. "Oh, you exhibited in that tiny gallery in the middle of nowhere." And the flirting scammers, LOL. Who will deny their first exhibition full of accolades and stunning compliments isn't the greatest reward for all the struggles spent in the studio? I had no idea the impact my paintings would have on people until this show. An artist secretly needs feedback but never asks in fear of critical press. I had a few of those years ago. This exhibition was worth my time and energy, knowing my anxiety was in vain; the offers, and more, became one step into Black eyed Susan's Bright future. (See Blog "Retrospective Favorites").

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