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Artist Studio


"Welcome to Frazier Portfolio, where creativity collides with Life."

I am Susan Frazier, a passionate artist who loves color and versatile art styles, and I want to share my visions with everyone. My expressive, surreal, and sometimes whimsical art styles come from the subject telling me which style enhances a more profound experience.


Educated at Chiounards in California by mentors Emerson Wolfer and at Cal Arts with Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro. These great artists influenced my artistic pursuits with incredible projects like Womanhouse and advice such as, 'Live with it awhile; it will happen.'


My family, career, and artistic pursuits were fulfilling, and those early influences remind me every day in my retirement to enjoy my creative process and dreams.

"A simple inspiration can move my brush across each canvas, loosening color that glides with me in a dance-like trance. Sometimes creating feels effortless, and at other times, I struggle with every brush stroke."

An Artist Studio in

Rancho Mirage, CA.

Frazier Portfolio

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