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Retrospective Favorites

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

The Customer is always right!

I have a lot to learn in sharing with patrons and closing sales, never assume what people want in their Art choices.

Painting of a girl with a black eye in a flower growing from the streets full of graffiti
Black Eyed Susan's Bright Future

Black Eyed Susan's Bright Future was the clear favorite at my Retrospective Exhibition Nov 24th. The whimsical story is personally identifiable and empathetic for women as well as men! They loved the bullet, can you see it?

Wooden man on a chessboard with a disconnected plug. plug
Corporate Relationship

Corporate Relationship was highly praised by men who identified with the corporate image being unconnectable with the outlet (see plug). One man surprised me with his take on the theme; the wooden man should be a woman since I am telling the story. His exact statement, "Paint boobs on her and it will sell off the wall"!

The retrospective was an education for me as an Artist with all the compliments and accolades. I will still paint my heart with a "Know thyself" mantra. Thank you all!

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