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Peter White

PeterNotsoWhite, night runner

Antelope Valley 40 x 60


Susan Frazier in her studio


Susan Frazier, an Expressionistic Artist with a technical illustration background lives in the desert community of Rancho Mirage. A studio painter, her ideas come from travel photographs, imagination, and personal experiences from childhood. 

Born in America into a military lifestyle, she traveled the world with her pilot Father and artistic Mother, who influenced her artistically at an early age. After viewing a Vincent Van Gogh exhibition at the Guggenheim exhibition in NYC at five years old she knew her life would be full of Art.

Susan's unique style of Expressionistic painting uses movement and colorful palettes with a touch of abstract interpretation, an average of 40 x 60 inches allows room to express her stories on each canvas.

“A simple inspiration can move my brush across each canvas, loosening color that glides with me in a dance-like trance. Sometimes it's amazingly easy, at other times I struggle with every brush stroke.”


Susan's is inspired by the desert lifestyle, along with Georgia O’Keeffe’s Modernism and Agnes Pelton’s Transcendental desert paintings are truly how I feel when I paint.

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"Yes, do explain"

10 x 12 acrylic

view in Realism


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