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Artist Studio


Frazier Portfolio

"One of my painting styles is expressionistic with a touch of surreal abstract interpretation."


Soaring figure in reds yellows soaring through a cave

"I love surreal elements that tell an interesting story"


smirking Venus de Milo on a coffee mug soaking in soapy dishwater
red lips with a pen dipping into an ink well in a rid desert with stormy clouds that look like hair
blue moon over tahquitz mountain

Paintings from Frazier-Drake Photogrphy in Idyllwild California.


Desert morning mist over mountains
sunset in oran and blue white clouds over a mountain valley
motel sign lit while scared birds on a lamp ight avoid the large crow

"Loving cats isn't just a side thing, I'm seriously painting cats of all types and personalities. 

Blame social media. Kittens are so cute!"

Pet Shop

Cat outside in forest on rock staring aout while hunting a lizard
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