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Limited Series Originals

Original paintings in a limited series


The "Spirit* Mountain" series 1, 2, 3, 4 are about honoring Earth using symbols of purity, bravery and valor, as humans use medals and plagues to honor the best in their community.

This is to reward Mother Earth's enduring support for humans and animals in the hope that humans continue to support Mother Nature. 

*The native theme is the best way to symbolize who has taken care of the Earth and endured  through adversity to overcome and be present in the future. They now participate in traditional powwows and ceremonies, a great beginning to forgive and grow.

Final Headdress Art 2.jpg


"White Headdress of Honor"

The white feathers represent honor, purity and bravery as honorable accomplishments to the community or tribe. 

Mother Nature is honored for sustaining us through the ions using the symbol of natural Eagle feathers in a Headdress.


Peace & War Bonnet

The theme is native tribes in America that take care and honor the Earth, even though it may bring conflicts. May they be peaceful as they reopen communications with communities.

This is for the desert tribes of the Coachella Valley who have held to reservations and endured centuries to overcome and build a responsible bridge for everyone to cross in peace. 

War Bonnet Spirit Mountain


Buffalo Apache Headdress

The Buffalo Headdress hovers above the sacred medicine mounds where tribes still visit for spirit healings. They say that Chief Parker who fought at Little big Horn is buried in the largest mound.


Moon Time

This is to honor the women of all tribes for their strength and support of their communities and the sisterhood. This is the time when women can get together to talk with other women, educate a young woman of her womanhood, and teach the blue bird dance, a coming of age dance. Thus, the one feather in her hair.