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What's Your creative moment?

By Susan Frazier

How do you experience that creative moment? Can you honestly say, it’s just ok, me either. We all harbor the Jackson Pollack drama, “I want to be famous!” We expect it to be great and can be disappointed when we see otherwise. I suppose that’s why there are so many manic artists in the world, we are destined to disagree with ourselves.

Everyone has a different experience when painting, and when the final art emerges (depending upon their personal judgement or if they’re Virgos), as an artist knows, they either love it or hate it. I’ve never experienced a painting as just OK. Art isn’t meant to do that for the artist or the observer, neither is the creative process!

Share what your creative process does for you!

About the Artist​

“A simple inspiration can move my brush across each canvas, loosening color that glides with me in a dance-like trance. Sometimes it's amazingly easy, at other times I struggle with every brush stroke.”

Susan's unique creative style of Expressionistic painting uses movement and colorful palettes with a touch of abstract interpretation with room to express her stories on each canvas.

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