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My Artistic Heart is OCD

My artistic heart is OCD since I love to create serial paintings of one subject at a time. I get obsessed with an idea and must paint it out of my mind until my heart is satisfied with the results. Then I am off on a new subject and style for the next series.

The effect of my serial painting appears eclectic as though I cannot make up my mind on style or message. The professional artist has one style, so investors feel comfortable with the consistency of an artist’s prospects. Not all artists can do this, and I must follow where my heart leads.

Since most of my art was created after I retired it can explain my OCD eclectic style as experimentation. Sooner or later, I may come across that one style I can’t give up, and voila!

For now, my art is honest, personal, and as real as my innocence and childlike wonder in every series I create. How many of you know that exciting feeling of creating a new business or painting a new painting? I love my art; it entertains me and fulfills my artistic heart.

That is my experience, and I cannot give it up yet, because I know when I hit the market it will change me, alter my interpretations, and affect my style forever perhaps for the better.

Meanwhile, my child wants to just stay here and create to my heart’s contentment. I never was an average child with ideas about the future, do any of us want to grow up? I want to see where I can take my art and how it will guide me through the infinite universe, I have time now to be creative and explore to my heart’s contentment.

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